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       In China has a vast land, hilly areas account for a large area in the countryside or in the individual scale family-based quite a long time, with the constant adjustment of planting structure, cash crops growing, multi-function adaptability strong demand for agricultural produce tillers increasingly urgent. Tiller its small size, light weight, versatile, good performance, easy operation, easy maintenance, the ridge may be climbing, orchard garden, smoke to dry land, gardens, greenhouses, home front room accompanied by the appropriate tools, equipment , deep plowing, shallow plowing, plowing, tillage, ridge build canals, tillage earth, weed and pest control, spraying, watering, or trail transportation, or irrigation pumping in large-scale agricultural plots can not enter the site, has a unique advantage. Changzhou Juling Foundry Co., Ltd. introduced lightweight, thin-walled, high-quality micro-farming machine accessories, the mechanical structure is more scientific and reasonable, beautiful appearance lighter, safer and more reliable performance, to better serve the peasant masses, to serve socio-economic, as China's new rural construction road to common prosperity has made a unique contribution. Wuhan in 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Juling company exhibited rotary tillers walking tank assembly (including walking tank, transmission, end caps, flanges, clutch cover) and farming knife boxes, trailer two body parts, won the 'Gold' award, compared to similar products currently on the market use, has great advantages. It pioneered the use of ductile iron instead of gray cast iron and steel weldments, once casting, precision machining, to make products lighter, higher strength, appearance, safe and reliable, anti-impact, good toughness, more wear and avoid weld cracking, shedding phenomenon fall apart. Therefore, longer life, greatly improving the mechanical efficiency. After the market has been widely welcomed by users.

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