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Evolution microcomputer
Creatime: 2013-11-19
All axes full gear Tiller Italy benassi company developed and manufactured in 1988, was introduced in China in 1997, in Guangxi, Chongqing make improvements trial to accommodate China more complex environment. Italian prototype uses aluminum casting gear box, with Italy in this high-powered single-cylinder diesel engine, stable and reliable quality, to meet the needs of customers in Europe and America's farming. 2003, the aircraft in the collaborative effort of various manufacturers in Chongqing, and finally completed the initial transformation of the structure of a large, formal high-volume market. Currently Tiller manufacturers which are mostly used Kama horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine 6 or 9 horsepower, up and down armrest frame enables full rotation, tillage tool has gradually diversified, comprehensive, across a variety of farming to meet the requirements of (the tool has been developed dry land, paddy wheel, dry composite blade (ie, anti-winding tool), reinforced composite knife (paddy composite knife), deep knife, hexagonal drum knife, from the cage, a ditch, adjustable plows, potato mining, etc.).
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