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Tiller models introduced
Creatime: 2014-5-13
Tiller was adopted by the company for over ten patents, the introduction of absorbing a lot of advanced technology in Europe and America and other developed countries, the researchers carefully designed, advanced technology, excellent performance, won the Science and Technology Progress Award. The following small series to introduce you to model the kind of rotary tillers for your understanding!
A straight drive models Tiller: The model structure is connected directly through the flanges between the engine and gearbox, power passed directly through the wet friction clutch or cone friction clutch gearbox, gearbox and walking tank all for one, can achieve faster speed, slow speed and reverse, and then by reversing two straight bevel gears, power output will decelerate. This type of structure is compact, fast speed, low gear and reverse speed parameters is reasonable, better reliability, power itself, good cultivation effect, high efficiency, wide application, it is the most popular selling models currently on the market, be accepted by the general user.
2, belt drive type: the type of product which engine power is transmitted through a belt to the gearbox, to achieve power clutch by way of the tension band; transmission case mostly monolithic structure, on which the variable speed portion, which next to the power output section, the general part of the chain of transmission between the power output shaft and transmission section. The product of the whole light weight, easy to transport, low manufacturing costs, the models in the greenhouses, deepwater fields, loose dry land, small plots and other regional operations have greater advantages, is the most popular on the market's best-selling models one.
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