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Note Tiller optional
Creatime: 2014-5-13
Tiller as a spring in our country people most commonly used soil tillage machinery, it can deep tillage, ridge fugou, cultivating, weeding, seeding and fertilization, pumping fight drugs and many other functions of the most common farm machinery. Usually we have the following points should be optional Tiller in:
1. To view the Tiller Drive Chassis / Tiller currently on the market with full axle chassis full gear and belt drives two drive way.
2, you should check whether the auxiliary power tillers powerful.
3, a closer look at the function of rotary tillers are complete, Tiller main consideration from the design field farming, whether transportation, trenching, harvesting, pumping, spraying, weeding and other additional features, users can according to the effect and needs their own choice.
4, understand the product service. Through the 'National support the promotion of agricultural machinery products catalog,' strictly enforce the 'three guarantees agricultural products liability', specifically who serve, how reputation, supply of spare parts and other conditions, etc. can be detailed consultation with local agricultural department.
5, clearly their own economic conditions to select a full-featured, affordable Tiller equipment.
6, observe distinguish Tiller duration of use. Should Tiller himself only farming plots, then the use of a short time, we can choose high quality real price of gasoline rotary tillers. But if it is required to purchase Tiller outside services, we usually choose when to pay attention to the reliability of Tiller used to be higher, stronger high temperature and other factors.
7, consider the geographical conditions. Recommend mountainous, hilly region farmers choose friends for supporting power tillers gasoline.
8, should take into account their own technical capabilities. Gasoline working principle is simple, easy to maintain than the air-cooled and water-cooled diesel engine diesel engine structure should be simple, easy to repair.
Tiller is our leading products, it has a lightweight, flexible, fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, a multifunctional, durable and reliable, etc., are recognized by the majority of farmers, the agricultural sector as a priority by promoting products. Business throughout the country, always insist on quality first, reputation first, service tracking, customer convenience principle, dedication to new and old customer service, and welcome you! For more information, please visit
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