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Tiller application and how to improve product performance
Creatime: 2014-5-13
Tiller is one of the products of our company's main business, we have the best products, the best service, the most reliable reputation. The company advanced equipment, strict management, adhere to 'create value for customers,' the concept of 'harmony, innovation, hard work, the development of' spirit, has achieved ISO9000, TS16949, Norway, DNV, Lloyd's and other UK qualifications. Believed to be the cause of your success help. Then you explain the performance of rotary tillers and how to improve the application of micro-farming machine
Use a micro-farming machines
Tiller is widely used in plains, mountains, hills of dry land, paddy fields, orchards, vegetable, tobacco land of deep tillage, shallow tillage, plowing, ditching ridge. Coupled with appropriate equipment can be pumped, power generation, spraying, spraying, harvesting, ridge, laying, drilling, mulching, harvesting roots, complex soil, earth, open ditch, base fertilizer, weeding pulverizer, partial earth, buried in vines and other operations.
Second, improve product performance
If you want to improve the performance of micro-farming machine, then the principal is to be specific methods of operation should be in place, as indicated below:
1, to avoid prolonged work overload
2, in the paddy fields and terraces work harder if found black smoke machine, it is timely downshift.
3, do not work for a long time Alice head, or easy to make poor lubrication of the engine.
4, was found to be abnormal sound downtime, troubleshooting can be restarted after
5, various adjustments to ground clearance, to lift the armrest steering;
6, can not use the power tool turning plow, plow power so easily broken knife.
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