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Tiller Maintenance
Creatime: 2014-5-13

The company mainly produces rotary tillers and other related mechanical products, clever structure, convenient operation, users praise. Tiller as a small agricultural machinery, easy to use, but also reasonable care in order to better play its role, then you explain the tillers of maintenance should be in place.
At work, due to friction between parts shock, inevitably cause wear of parts, so that the state of the art rotary tillers deterioration, power down, failure emerging, 'anti-emphasis on governance, raising important than repair' maintenance must be strictly in accordance with the cycles and content to the main as follows:
1, in the repair and maintenance of rotary tillers, you must turn off the tractor.
2, class maintenance is usually at the end of each shift, or once every 10 hours of maintenance.
3, removal of the blade and the cutter shaft adhered soil and weeds.
4, check and tighten bolts and nuts each.
5, check if there are defects in various parts of the bolt, cotter pins, replace with new parts should be used.
6. Check the gear box oil, such as lack of 260 mm, should be promptly added.
7, check the blade fastening bolts and nuts, if loose, should be tightened.
Usually we Tiller maintenance process, to avoid air-cooled machine with cold water to cool down or off into the use of low quality fuels and lubricants appear errors such as maintenance measures.
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